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Why Does It Help to Book Your Wedding Photographer in Advance?

Waiting for the very last moment to hire your preferred photographer for your big day? Here’s why we think that is a terrible idea.

They Might be Booked

While you can wait for your favorite wedding photographer until a few months before the wedding, it is still a good idea to approach them beforehand for the simple reason that they might not be available when you need them. There’s a reason people advise you to make these preparations well in advance. Let’s say you reach out to them and ask them if they are available for hire at such-and-such time of the year, and they turn you down because they’re booked for that time—what would you do? Sure, you can reach out to any other photographer, but they won’t be the ones you had set your sights on, would they?

By all accounts, making arrangements far ahead in advance will save you a lot of stress and emergency arrangements at the eleventh hour—something you don’t need when you’re planning for a big fat wedding.

It Gives You Time to Plan

If you’re planning to hire wedding photographers, professionals at that, you might have something special planned—something like a coordinated engagement and wedding photoshoot. When you hire photographers ahead of time, it gives you the time to act out all your plans. You can arrange meetups with the photographers, have discussions with them, and make due arrangements. If you need props, a venue, or any other particular elements for the photoshoot that you have in mind, you and your photographer can plan for that beforehand.

Less Stress

Let’s get this out of the way: weddings are stressful. It doesn’t matter how good you are with deadlines or how well you work under pressure; you will always be stressed out before a wedding—especially if it is your own wedding. The stakes are high. You’re concerned about the dress, the guests, the food, the event, the vows, the DJ, the dance, the honeymoon, the family drama—it’s never-ending. You don’t need the added stress of hiring a photographer at the eleventh hour.

You can take care of that problem, at the very least, by hiring them a few months in advance.

They Might Charge More

If you do end up scrambling for a photographer at the eleventh hour, you might have to pay more than you ought. Photographers, much like anyone else, make preparations beforehand. If you’re opting for urgent services, you’ll have to pay a special fee.

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