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Reasons Why You Should Choose Your Engagement Photographer for Your Wedding Videos and Photos

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

When it comes to a wedding, saying “I do” is the easy part.

Little does everyone (who has never planned a wedding before) know how much effort it takes to get everything perfect for the big day.

A bride and groom dressed in white posing for their wedding pictures

Catering, guest lists, THE DRESS, and whether or not you’ll be releasing a basket of doves by the end of the ceremony are just some of the few things that you have to plan. Amidst the frenzy of it all, it’s always good to have a photographer capture the moments you’re going to cherish forever.

Choosing one photographer for your engagement and wedding photography and videography is something that won’t have you juggling calls and correspondence from different photography studios. If you want our take on it, you should choose one professional photographer who can offer it all, and here’s why:

You won’t have to break the ice twice

Engagement photography sessions are mainly about the bride and the groom getting to know their photographer. This is where they break the ice and build a comfortable environment for them to work in.

You need to have a lot of trust between you and the photographer to ensure your photos come out just as you want them. Some people do not feel comfortable in front of a new photographer's lens right away, which is why an engagement session can help you understand your photographer and vice versa.

If you choose to book a different photographer for each event or an additional photographer for photography and videography, you might not get the desired result from each one of them. Breaking the ice with each photographer and building the trust necessary takes time. With the wedding to plan (and be in it), you might want to clear out your plate as much as you can.

Let your photographer learn your ways

An engagement session is not so much about participating in engagement photography; it is more of an opportunity for your photographer to acquaint themselves with who they are capturing for the wedding.

Everybody behaves differently in front of the lens. You have to believe us when we say that photographers have their unique way to get people to pose for pictures they know they’ll like. Hence, it would be best if you give your photographer a chance before your wedding to understand how they could make you translate well into photos you'll want to cherish forever.

Even if you are well acquainted with the photographer your hiring, your partner may not be. The last thing you want is your wedding photos to be a good memory for you and not your partner.

You’ll have cohesive pictures

Using the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photography and videography can give you a cohesive style of images. Each photographer has a different aesthetic or style of editing. Unless a variety of aesthetics is your end goal, choosing one photographer is a wise choice.

A married couple sitting on a sofa for their wedding photography

It can be distracting and perhaps a waste of money to have an extensive collection of photos that aren't cohesive. Your goal should be elegance, freshness, and eccentric lighting when it comes to engagement and wedding photos.

Even if you are someone who wants to go for a completely different aesthetic, it is essential for your photographer to be on board with you. Then again, more than one photographer can spoil the broth.

You may be able to save money

There is no doubt in the fact that wedding and engagement photography can be heavy on your pocket. However, choosing one photographer for all your events may allow you to save some coin through a package deal.

Several photographers have different packages they offer to couples for their weddings. Usually, these packages include engagements, wedding ceremonies, and wedding reception. They also have different styles of photography that include general photography sessions, videography, or any other style portraits that you might be looking for.

When going for a professional photographer, you have to keep in mind that there are many things that you pay for rather than just the wedding photos. The money sent over usually pays for the photographer’s time, the images themselves, videography, editing, hard copies, and albums if you've ordered them. Footing these bills with two or more photographers may be more expensive than just choosing one.

Experience a test-run before the wedding

Lastly, picking one photographer for both your engagement and wedding photography and videography can give you an idea of what your final pictures will look like. The way your engagement photos translate foreshadows how your wedding albums will turn out.

Hence, you can consider your engagement photography session as a trial and error situation that allows you to make changes such as the way you pose, how your partner poses, what kind of makeup suits you best, if the lighting or props need any changes etc.

Final Thoughts

Signing up for wedding photography and videography from the studio handling your engagement is a great option, especially if you don’t want to deal with different photographers. It is less stressful, and with a wedding down the road, it is always good to have one less thing to worry about.

We Can Help!

Looking for your dream photographer? DiConti Weddings is a full-service Wedding/Engagement Videography and Photography team. They can capture your fairytale engagement or wedding in a romantically cinematic way to give you the perfect engagement storytelling you deserve.

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