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Engagement Photos: Why Do You Need Them?

Updated: May 16, 2021

As a bride-to-be, you may be running hot and cold about whether you should hire a professional photographer for your engagement photos. Do you feel like engagement photos are a waste of time? Or an expensive, unnecessary expenditure?

A man and a woman sitting on rocks holding an engagement ring

Maybe you’re camera shy? Well, whatever your reasoning may be, we are here to change your mind. Read on below to explore why we think engagement photos from a professional photographer are meaningful and essential:

You’ll Get to Know Your Photographer

If you have had someone take a photo of you for your Instagram even once, you know how important it is to be on the same page as your photographer. Establishing a good relationship with your professional photographer before the wedding can make a world of difference in your wedding photos.

During your engagement photography, you will understand how the photographer works and handles his equipment. Both of you can take notes on how you respond to each other based on your individual personalities and working style. This will help you understand your photographer and how to ask him for specific details in your photos.

The relationship goes vice versa; during an engagement shoot, the photographer can observe what makes you happy as a bride so that they can try their best to translate it into your wedding photos.

A Test Run for D-Day

Hiring a professional photographer for engagement ceremonies is a traditional norm for someone who wants to capture memories. However, not many realize that engagement photography with a professional photographer is a test run for your wedding day photoshoot (which we all agree is kind of a big deal).

From deciding on a location, setting up the props to making sure everything is in place, you get an idea about what you’ll have to keep in mind for your wedding. This is especially helpful if you are not used to getting your pictures taken or posing in front of a professional photographer.

Through an engagement photo shoot, you can ease yourself in front of the lens and practice candid or romantic shots with your fiancé. Essentially, an engagement photography session can take out the awkwardness between you, your partner, and your photographer so that your ultimate wedding shoot is flawless.

You’ll Know What Looks Good (and what doesn’t)

Once you get to see your engagement photos, you’ll understand which aspects translated well into your pictures and which didn’t. Sometimes people capture well individually but not so much as a couple. The engagement photography session will give you and your partner a chance to review which poses look good or which poses you should probably reconsider. This is true for clothing choices, colors, makeup, lighting, and not just poses.

Through your engagement photos, you can perfect your wedding photoshoot. Knowing how your engagement photos turned out, you now have an idea as to how you can plan your wedding photoshoot timeline. The wedding photography timeline can incorporate what kind of photos you are looking for, such as singles, with your partner, individual family members, etc. You’ll know which side is your ‘good side’ and how you should stand as a bride when the entire focus is on you.

Similarly, suppose your partner is the shy one. In that case, you can use your engagement photo shoot as an opportunity to loosen them up. Make your partner pose with you till both of you find a comfort zone that translates well through the camera lens.

You’ll Have Beautiful Pictures to Use Pre-Wedding

Once you get your hands on your engagement photos, the possibilities are endless. Besides the usual social media posting, you can send out your pictures as a gift to your family, especially your parents and grandparents. You can get the images blown up according to the size of any picture frames and decorate a wall with them.

Perhaps, you can add smaller prints of your engagement photos with your wedding invitations or wedding keepsake boxes. If you are old-fashioned, your parents might like sending in an engagement announcement in the newspaper, and your engagement photos can complement it nicely.

Suppose you want to go the extra mile. In that case, engagement photos are a hit in wedding programs, save-the-date websites, or any other platform that you want to publish about your wedding on.

A man making a woman wear an engagement ring

However, you have to be careful about mentioning your plans to your photographer. The image rights belong with your photographer, so it is crucial to have their consent before publishing the photos on any platform. You might have to compensate your photographer and give them credit for posting an image on a public platform in some cases.

Lastly, it’s Simply Special

Engagement photography sessions can be a memorable experience for you and your partner. This is especially true if your photos were taken at a particular location, such as the spot of your first date, where you first met, or your family home, etc.

Regardless of any other reasons, capturing your precious engagement moments eternalize the memory forever that can be passed down through your children as a reminder of the love you share between you and your husband-to-be.

You might feel that any professional engagement photoshoot is a bit of a stretch, but at the end of the day, when you flip through an album where the photographer has managed to catch each smile and tear, it all becomes worth it.

We Can Help!

Looking for your dream photographer? DiConti Weddings is a full-service Wedding Videography and Photography team. They can capture your fairytale engagement or wedding in a romantically cinematic way to give you the perfect engagement storytelling you deserve.

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