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Bridal Solos: How to Find Your Perfect Angle

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that a camera puts ten pounds on you—and that is exactly why you need to know which angles work for you. Here’s how you can do that.


Experimentation is never bad—that’s why scientists do it all the time. It’s called trial and error. You need only two things for this one: a friend and a camera. You can even use a phone. All you need to do is find a nice, quiet place and start taking pictures. From every angle—take multiple photos from multiple angles. Make sure the area is well-lit so that you don’t have a hard time deciding. Make your friend take photos of you from the front, side, and other variations.

Once you have taken all these photos, sit down with someone who gives honest opinions and try to finalize which angles work for you. This little exercise will save you time on the big day since you’d already know how you look in photos taken from different angles.

Ask the Professional

If you really need a professional opinion, who better to ask than the photographer that you hired? Wedding photographers do this day in and day out. They will know, better than anyone else, what will look good and what won’t. If you’re confused about how your photos will turn out, the simplest solution is to ask your photographer. Feel free to reach out to them and ask their opinion on what you might be doing right or wrong. If they make suggestions, listen to them. If you like an angle and they say it doesn’t look good, come to an agreement. Remember, they’re only trying to do what’s good for you. All they’re doing is ensuring that you look your best on your biggest day.

Look at Old Photos

If you still can’t decide, or if you don’t have time to reach out to a photographer, or if you have no friends (ouch), you can still discover the angles that look the best on you. You can look at your old photos and try to decide what works best for you. And don’t just go through that one folder of photos that you have on Facebook—sure, they’ll tell you which angles work for you, but you also need to know which angles don’t work for you. This you will find out by going through your tagged photos—or the photos you don’t like looking at.

Find out which angles are unflattering on you, and try not to pose that way when you’re having your wedding photoshoot.

Discuss with Your Wedding Photographer

Want to discuss your angles with a professional wedding photographer? Reach out to them here.

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