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4 Reasons to Get Married This Spring

Updated: May 21, 2021

Spring is almost upon us; the flowers are about to bloom in rich, striking hues.There’s a soft, sweet scent in the air, and the temperature has become pleasant. If you and your partner have been waiting for the perfect season to get married this year, here are some reasons why you should consider a spring wedding.

1.Spring Is the Season of Flowers

Spring is the ideal time to get gorgeous, blooming flowers for your wedding. You’ll have a range of flora to choose from, such as dahlias, poppies, sweet peas and peonies. You can decorate your wedding venue in beautiful floral arrangements, have exotic centerpieces at every table, and get a gorgeous wedding bouquet as well.

If you love flowers and would like to add natural warmth and ambiance to your wedding, spring is the perfect time to walk down the aisle.

2.You Can Choose A Pastel Color Scheme

Pastel color schemes look beautiful at weddings, and spring is the best season to bring out the bright, soft shades. You can decide on a pastel color scheme for your wedding, design your bridesmaids’ dresses accordingly, and have the same shades reflected in your table decorations as well.

3.Getting Married Outside Is Ideal During Spring

Spring is the best time to have an outdoor wedding. The flowers are in full bloom, which adds magical colors to the setting. The temperature is not too warm and not too cold. You can serve signature cocktails to the guests at your wedding, such as Pimm's cup or mint julep. Plus, think of all the amazing wedding pictures in the natural light!

Also, having a garden wedding is cheaper than booking a large wedding hall. Moreover, it’s safer during the pandemic to have an open-air venue so that your guests can maintain a safe social distance from each other.

4.A Wedding in Spring Will Save You Money

If you decide to get married in early spring, such as in March or April, you can save money with discount wedding packages as this is the off-peak season for weddings. Many wedding caterers and decorators will quote lower prices and you can save your money!

Moreover, getting married before the summer season means you’ll be able to avoid the wedding crowd, and your ceremony will probably be the first in your circle of family and friends, so their schedule will be open and they're more likely to attend your wedding.

Lastly, the spring season symbolizes rebirth and regrowth, so it’s a lovely time to join yourself in holy matrimony with your partner and look forward to newer, brighter and happier days ahead.

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