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3 Lighting Tricks for the Dreamiest Couple Pictures

Light and darkness are soul sisters—and together, they can help you take pictures like you never dreamed of. Who needs pictures awash with light when you can have something far more aesthetic?

wedding photoshoot


There are few things so readily accepted as romantic as candles. Everything from candlelight dinners to chandeliers lighted with candles is seen as the ultimate romantic fantasy, and therefore, there is so much you can do with them to get those dreamy couple pictures. Just use a couple of candles as props and make sure that their light is falling either fully or partially on your face(s).

Fairy Lights

We love fairy lights because of how versatile they are. There’s just so much to do with them. You can have them in the background and take pictures in which you, at the forefront, are in focus, whereas the fairy lights look dim and blurred. Such photos look absolutely fantastic.

fairy lights

You can also wrap these fairy lights around yourself or your partner and have your photographer take your photos against a dark backdrop—preferably under a starry sky. This is how Van Gogh comes to life.

Use Shadows

Sure, shadows are more darkness than light, but then, can you have shadows without light? You can’t—and that’s the beauty of them. They’re a play between light and darkness, and that’s what makes them so good as a lighting trick. What’s even better is that you can use shadows for lighting tricks in both the day and the night. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a photoshoot in the afternoon or in the night—because the shadows will help you.

If you’re having a photoshoot in the day, you can easily use the sunlight and certain props or clever angles to play with the shadows. Figure out where your shadow is falling based on the time of day, and pose accordingly. The result will be a beautiful gold and black portrait that you can flaunt.

If you’re having the photoshoot in the night, you can use neon lights and other light sources, paired with bars and grills and other structures, to take aesthetic photos. Make sure you aren’t completely in the light—nor in the dark—when taking these photos. The photos will turn out perfectly.

Photography and Videography Services in Los Angles

Los Angeles is the city of lights—and looks particularly beautiful at night. Talk to professional photographers and videographers if you’d like a wedding photoshoot that makes the best of it.

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