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Wedding Photography Services

You’ve said yes to the big proposal. 




Now comes the time to find the best wedding photographer to record your special day.


Your story as a couple is unique. 


My job as a wedding photographer is to capture the heart and soul of your relationship and retell the story of your wedding day so that every time you look back at your wedding photos, you can relive this magical chapter of your life story. 


Your wedding photos should immerse anyone looking at them into your special day and make them feel as though they were there in the moment. They should capture the anticipation while your other half waits for you at the altar, the emotions when your friends help you put on your wedding dress, the tears of joy building in your eyes as you say ‘’I do’’ and the laughter when enjoying your wedding cake with your loved ones.  


Relying on our extensive experience in wedding photography and the latest photography equipment, my team and I will encapsulate candid and raw moments and turn them into special memories.


So, if you’re looking for a local wedding photographer near you in Los Angeles, Malibu, Orange County or Santa Barbara , get in touch. 


Let’s capture the magic of your special day and make your dream wedding come true together!

Rachel & Joe - DiConti Weddings

Rachael & Joe
Rancho De Las Palmas  / Moorpark, Ca.

Rachael and Joe met unexpectedly at a basketball game while attending George Fox University in Oregon. They first became friends and, after a few months, began dating. Fast forward a year or so, and Joe surprised Rachael with a magical proposal at Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks, California.


Rachel cried tears of joy and accepted immediately.


On January 29, 2022, in the stunning and quiet oasis of Rancho De Las Palmas in Moorpark, California, the courting couple tied the knot during a beautiful Christian ceremony.


At golden hour, we were able to capture an unforgettable moment between these two, bathed in incredible lighting. And after the gorgeous wedding photoshoot, they celebrated with family and friends, dancing to 80’s music and indulging in their delicious wedding cake before driving away in a classic el camino.


Samy & Bryan
The Oak Room / Calamigos Ranch / Malibu, Ca.

Samy and Bryan’s amazing love story started 11 years ago as Samy was in her sophomore year and Byan Junior year in High School. 


While Bryan went on to study at Pepperdine University and Samy at USC, their love grew stronger and when Bryan was drafted for the Washington’s Nationals after college, there was no doubt in Samy’s mind; they were staying together. 


Bryan played in the Minors on the East Coast for a year. Once Samy graduated from college in 2015, the lovebirds moved in together in Santa Monica and have been enjoying the area together for the last five years.


So, it was only natural for Bryan to propose to Samy. The basketball aficionado took her to the Descanso Beach Club for a fun day out together before getting on one knee in front of the rest of the beach amazed at this surprise proposal. Fast forward a few months, and on November 7, 2021, Samy and Bryan got married at the stunning Calamigos Ranch in California in a rustic setting that allowed us to shoot spectacular wedding photos.


Cassidy & MATTHEW
The Oak Room / Calamigos Ranch / Malibu. Ca.

Cassidy and Matthew longed for the wedding of their dreams. Life happened, and they weren’t able to organize it for a long time. They were in love, so it didn’t matter too much. But secretly, Cassidy always hoped that one day, they could organize the wedding she had always wanted and turn her dream into a reality. 


And sure enough, Cassidy’s dream came true.


Surrounded by their loved ones, including their two adorable little boys, the charming couple said « I do » in the superb Oak Room at Calamigos Ranch. 


During the wedding preparations, when Cassidy and Matthew visited the room for the first time, they both immediately fell in love with the space. The lush forestry scenery and waterfall backdrop instantly captured their hearts, and they knew they wanted to celebrate their love in this fantastic wedding venue. 


After the beautiful wedding ceremony, we went for a walk with the newlyweds and shot some incredible boho-style wedding photos capturing the gorgeous surrounding forestry. Then, the pair enjoyed the rest of the wedding celebrations with their loved ones, wishing the day would never end.


Alanah & Bryan
Long Shadowranch Winery / Temecula, Ca.

Alanah and Bryan share a passion for helping others and protecting their community. That’s why they both became firefighters. Their job is highly demanding, so when they have some free time, they love spending as much time together as possible.


Now, the pair enjoys being in nature and regularly goes hiking. That’s why it was only fitting for Bryan to choose the gorgeous Lake Tahoe area to propose during a family vacation. The lovebirds went on a beautiful hike to Emerald bay, and Bryan asked Alanah to set her camera on a timer so they could take a picture together. When Alanah turned around after setting the timer, she saw Bryan down on one knee, holding a stunning engagement ring.


The loving couple said “I do” on May 22, 2021, during a fantastic rustic-style wedding at Long Shadow Ranch Winery. The rustic setting, gorgeous wedding dress, and excellent weather made for a wonderful wedding photography session filled with laughter and love.


Kristine & Clayton

Santa Barbara Courthouse / Santa Barbara, Ca.

Kristine and Clayton’s fate was intertwined. They first met during a midnight lunch break at work. They hit it off right away but being coworkers, they were both shy to ask the other one out. Then, a few days later, as fate would have it, they both swiped right on Tinder!


Their passion for adventure is one of the many things that brought them together, and so it was only natural for Clayton to pick one of the most scenic spots in the country to propose to Kristine. On March 25, 2018, he took Kristine on a 10-day road trip. And on day four, as they drove to Page to watch the spectacular sunset in Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, Clayton popped the question.


Needless to say that the marriage proposal will remain one of the most incredible memories of their lives. They tied the knot in the SB courthouse before organizing their fabulous wedding reception at the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara.


I was honored to be their wedding photographer and captured raw and candid moments of the two lovebirds alone and surrounded by their loved ones throughout the day.


Amanda & Bill
Terian Farms /  Lebanon, Tn.

Amanda and Bill love nature. So, it was only fitting for Bill to choose the Great Smoky Mountains located along the Tennessee and North Carolina border to propose. There, he booked a secluded cabin for the pair to enjoy a private and romantic getaway. As the sun set, the sky turned red, pink, and orange. Bill got down on one knee and asked Amanda to spend the rest of her life with him. Amanda will never forget this perfect magical moment. Nor will she forget her spectacular wedding celebrations at the Terian Farms in Tennessee.


The beautiful wedding venue features green rolling hills, multiple ponds, incredible woodlands, and even Welsh Ponies making for a breathtaking backdrop during our wedding photography session. As we wrapped up our photo shoot, we saw the pair enjoying their wedding cake surrounded by their family and friends and couldn’t help but feel moved by the love they have for each other.


Tyler & Shawn 
The Wine Cellar / Westlake Village Inn / Westlake Village, Ca.

On May 15, 2021, Tyler and Shawn walked down the aisle in a romantic setting at the Westlake Village Inn & Spa in California.


There, surrounded by their loved ones, including their little bundle of joy, the two Minnesotans said ‘’I do’’ in a heartfelt and emotional wedding ceremony.


Their deep love for one another is obvious when they look at each other. And this is exactly what we set out to convey through the candid photoshoot we carried out on the stunning grounds just after the ceremony. We were honored to be able to capture such beautiful and special moments for the newlyweds on their special day.


After this fantastic escapade, the lovebirds enjoyed a fabulous wedding reception with their friends and family in a Tuscan wine room overlooking a beautiful lake.


They’ll never forget this day.


Elise & Haitham
Agoura Hills Rec Center / Agoura Hills, Ca.

Elise and Haitham met through Elise’s brother-in-law. The pair spent the next few months blissfully enjoying each other’s company, cooking, exercising, and creating many unforgettable memories together.


Haitham knew they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives and decided to

propose in a romantic and intimate setting.


He set up a private picnic on a breathtaking beach, and there, during an unforgettable dinner, he proposed.


Tears of joy rolled down Elise’s chicks as she said ‘’yes’’!


She had always dreamt of a fairytale wedding. The gorgeous wedding venue at the Agoura Hills Rec Center in Agoura Hills, California, the love they felt from their friends and family during the wedding ceremony, and the exquisite wedding dress by Sottero & Midgley she wore made her dream come true. And we were honored to be able to capture fairytale moments during one of our favorite wedding photoshoots ever!


  Lindsey & Matt 
The Oaks Country Club / Santa Clarita, Ca.

Lindsey and Matt met through Lindsey’s brother. The two boys were both involved in a theater show during college which for a creative soul like  Lindsey was enough to want to get to know Matt better. Matt loves writing and Lindsey enjoys arts and crafts very much. But the arts aren't the only thing that brought them together. They’re both absolutely crazy about Dungeons and Dragons and love to play with their friends as often as they can. 


Nerdy and creative, the two lovebirds are without a doubt soulmates!


That’s appealing to his creative side that Matt organized the most romantic marriage proposal Lindsey could have hoped for. Under a gazebo, in the rose garden of the sumptuous Tuscan Gardens and with majestic grape vineyards as a backdrop, Matt proposed while Lindsey’s brother and his girlfriend captured the entire scene. Lindsey said yes and on May 27, 2022, the two lovebirds tied the knot at The Oaks Country Club. And this time our team was there to capture their special day with wedding photos Lindsey and Matt will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Leah and Alex - DiConti Weddings

Leah & Alex
The Pavillion / Calamigos Ranch /Malibu, Ca.

When Leah and Alex exchanged their first kiss behind the computer lab of the Ojai Valley School, they never imagined that years later, they would get married at the beautiful Pavilion at North Point in Calamigos Ranch.


Yet, these two lovebirds were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. One night, as Leah was getting ready to leave work, she received a call from Alex asking her to stay a bit longer as he was preparing a surprise for her. She thought he was finally putting up the Christmas lights. When she opened the front door, she noticed Alex had cooked her favorite meal. A large heart shape made with lights had been set up behind a brand-new firepit in the backyard. Filled with lights, the backyard truly felt magical.


There, after giving Leah the biggest bouquet she’d ever seen, Alex got down on one knee and asked his partner to become his wife, holding her grandmother’s ring. Their wedding took place in March 2022 in one of the most enchanting wedding locations in California.


Scott & Kaila 
The Birchwood Room / Calamigos Ranch / Malibu, Ca.

Scott and Kaila are all about having fun. And their story is literally the epitome of romance and love! A year ago, Scott decided to move to the south of the country and get a feel for what life was like there. Tired of California, he traveled all around from Tennessee and Georgia to Alabama and Mississippi in the hope to meet his future wife along the way. Once in Georgia, he signed up for eHarmony and on the second day, gorgeous Kaila popped up on his screen. And she was based in California! Scott immediately touched base and pretty soon after heard back from Kaila who was just about to cancel her subscription after a few disappointing conversations. As fate would have it, they met in California, just after Christmas and had a romantic date watching the Christmas lights in Long Beach in Belmont. Life was so much better together that Scott proposed on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe.


The beautiful couple got married on May 23, 2021 and during a fantastic wedding photoshoot at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California, with the majesty of nature as a backdrop, we immortalized their love on camera.


Nery & Jason
The Birchwood Room / Calamigos Ranch / Malibu, Ca.

Nery and Jason are the epitome of a happy couple. Their support and love for each other know no bounds. Especially when it comes to Jason supporting his other half’s music career. Nery is a successful Jazz musician, and the two lovebirds fell in love almost instantly after spending hours discussing their love for travel, architecture, history, fitness, and, of course, music.


They met in church and, after countless adventures together, organized a fairytale wedding to celebrate their love. While Nery’s talent allowed her to play all around the world, it’s in the picturesque Calamigos Ranch in California that the pair decided to get married.


Fairy lights, gorgeous flowers, lush gardens, century-old weeping willows, and a colorful merry-go-round provided some epic backdrops for our fun wedding photoshoot. The wedding reception was held in the intimate Birchwood Room near the ground’s majestic natural waterfall. 


Alexa & Blake

Wood Ranch Golf Club / Simi Valley, Ca.

If there’s one word to describe Alexa and Blake, it’s “adventure”!


The pair loves going on little adventures on a boat, traveling, golfing, snowboarding, and even jet skiing. In fact, it’s right on a jet ski that Blake proposed to beautiful Alexa! Alexa was enjoying her time on the water when she noticed that Blake had stopped. As she approached his jet ski, he popped the question!


Of course, to prevent an unfortunate accident, he used a rubber band after she said yes, before giving her a stunning engagement ring once back to shore.


The wedding ceremony and reception took place on May 6, 2022, at Wood Ranch Golf Club in California. The rustic yet elegant setting allowed me to capture incredible candid wedding photos of the gorgeous couples at golden hour as they walked hand in hand around the stunning fields, ponds, and lush vegetation.


Dom & Diana
The Oak Room / Calamigos Ranch / Malibu, CA.

The D&D dream team. That’s how Dom and Diana’s friends and family call this fun and charming couple. Like two peas in a pod, they have a lot in common. Their passion for cooking, playing video games and arts and crafts transpire as they talk about all the things they do together. Now, as a wedding photographer, I’m used to hearing original stories when it comes to marriage proposals. But I must say, Dom is an incredibly creative man! He woke up one day confident in his heart this was THE day he needed to propose. He went over Diana’s home and asked her to come with him on a scavenger hunt. Diana gladly accepted! Naturally, the scavenger hunt was designed around them and had only one purpose; leading Diana to the ring.


On April 22, 2022, on a bright and sunny spring afternoon, the two lovers said ‘’I do’’ surrounded by friends and family. During the wedding photography session, Diana was glowing and Dom besotted. And we had a lot of fun creating long-lasting memories together at their incredible wedding venue, the fabulous Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California. 


Shevonne & Sean
Gerry Ranch / Camarillo, Ca.

Passionately in love with each other. That’s how I would describe Shevonne and Sean. 


After meeting in a local party store years ago, Shivonne and Sean bumped into each other in Santa Barbara a few years later. And they’ve been spending every moment of their life together since then. On June 1, 2018, Sean proposed to the love of his life on a secluded beach taking Shivonne by surprise. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy as she said yes.


They were going to tie the knot a year later.


When I first got to their picturesque wedding venue at Gerry Ranch in Santa Rosa Valley on July 7, 2019, I was taken aback by the joy and love for the couple I immediately felt from the crowd. And I was amazed at the gorgeous bohemian-style wedding the two lovebirds organized. 


Walking through the breathtaking orchards with the foothills as a backdrop, I had fun shooting gorgeous wedding photos at sunset that perfectly captured their love for each other


Andi & Anthony
Valor Hall / Oak Grove, Kentucky

Big bright smiles and unconditional love. This is what we’ll remember of our wedding photography session with gorgeous Andrea and witty Anthony.


The pair has a love for the countryside and found the perfect country-style wedding venue to celebrate their love: the Valor Hall in Oak Grove in Kentucky.


On these picturesque grounds, on March 14, 2020, the pair promised to love each other until the end, rain, hail or shine. Anthony stood at the altar confident they were going to spend the rest of their life happy and build the family they’ve always wanted. Andrea walked down the aisle smiling at her lover while reminiscing about the day he proposed to her.


They were supposed to take pictures of her after she graduated from her school. But instead, the pictures revealed Andrea tearing up with tears of joy and laughing with Anthony after he got down on one knee and put a beautiful ring on her finger.


 Ema & Ryan 
Casi Cielo Vineyards / Camarillo, Ca.

Ema and Ryan both love adventure. Going off road on the weekend? Hell yeah. Camping in the middle of nowhere? Sign them up! That’s why when Ema introduced herself to Ryan on Bumble and mentioned her love for outdoor activities, the adventurous engineer was enthralled. Naturally, their first date was a hike to Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks; literally heaven! The date went so well that Ryan will stay Ema’s first and only date on Bumble.


A few years later, on a sunny day, Ema and Ryan took a trip with their friends to one of the best wineries of San Luis Obispo in California. The picture-perfect winery was the ideal spot for Ryan to propose.


Their wedding took place in the breathtaking Casi Cielo Vineyards located in Camarillo, California. Glowing in her Eddy K wedding dress, Ema said ‘’I do’’ and so did Ryan. 


Needless to say that a lot of wine was poured afterwards to celebrate!


Sarah & Andy

Terian Farms / Lebanon, Tn.

Sarah and Andy are both very social. They love spending time with their friends and exploring new bars, restaurants, and just new places in general. So, when Andy sat down at the Corner Pub and Sarah came over to take his order, starting the conversation was easy for the pair. 


That day, Andy left the pub with butterflies in his stomach. And so did Sarah! After dating for a while, the two got engaged on January 7, 2020. Andy chose this day because it holds a special place in Sarah’s heart. Sarah’s grandfather is Serbian, and Serbian Christmas is celebrated every year on January 7. So, Andy waited for everyone to open the gifts and gave Sarah the most precious of them all; a marriage proposal!


The two love birds got married at Terian Farms in Tennessee,  in an epic countryside setting, surrounded by their loved ones. Green rolling hills, grazing horses, and warm sunlight filtering through lush trees at golden hour made for an epic backdrop for our wedding photography session.


Emma-Leigh & Houston

Cedar Forest Lodge / Lebanon, Tn

Story Coming Soon


Kylie & Gilbert
Maravilla Gardens / Camarillo, Ca.

Kylie and Gilbert are living-proof that online dating works. They met on POF a few years back, went on a date at ‘’Stacked’’ and have been in love since then. Gilbert grew up in San Francisco, 380 miles north of Thousand Oaks, where the love of his life is from. The IT programmer is the fitness freak of the relationship, while Kylie is the creative one. She loves painting and reading, while Gilbert is passionate about Tennis. Their love for food brings them together when Gilbert whips up delightful dishes for his other half.


On April 12, 2020, after asking Kylie’s father for his blessing, Gilbert proposed to the young teacher while the pair were having dinner at Kylie’s parents.


The two lovebirds got married at their dream wedding venue in Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo, Southern California. Their wedding photos are just as requested; playful and striking. And they will make for a beautiful reminder of their special day.


Tiffany & Jordan

Oak Park Community Center / Oak Park, Ca.

Tiffany and Jordan met on a beach on a tropical Caribbean Island while they were both at Medical school.


Jordan saw Tiffany soaking up the sun while reading a book. She seemed completely immersed in the book, but there was something so beautiful and assertive about her that Jordan had to go. Fast forward a few years, and he decided to plan the perfect marriage proposal as a nod to how they met in the first place.


On June 27, 2018, he took Tiffany to a beautiful secluded beach in Florida. His best friend and accomplice had set up a blanket for them to enjoy the sunset and was hiding behind the bush to capture the moment Jordan was going to pop the question on camera. It was an intimate and romantic marriage proposal, just like Tiffany had imagined.


I loved capturing their wedding day and providing the charming couple with beautiful photos of the wedding ceremony, wedding cake, and, of course, Tiffany holding her beautiful wedding bouquet in her superb wedding dress!


Nicole & Dusty
Terian Farms / Nashville, TN.

Nicole and Dusty share an unconditional love for country music. And that’s why one of their favorite things to do besides spending time with their adorable girls and their dog is going to concerts. In fact, when they first started dating, a lot of date nights would be spent at concerts and open mic nights!


Dusty’s love for Nicole was so evident that on October 11, 2020, he decided to organize a big surprise for her during one of their fantastic family vacations. He hired a photographer to take some family pictures and right then got down on one knee in front of their loved ones. Nicole was amazed at how well he managed to keep the secret. She never suspected anything! 


Bursting into tears of joy, she said yes, and the two lovebirds tied the knot at Terian Farms in Tennessee. The stunning wedding venue and incredible wedding reception allowed me to capture plenty of raw wedding photos of the guests, the newlyweds, their gorgeous little girls, and their adorable dog.


Katie & Richard 

Las Vegas  / Nevada

When Katie jumped on that night, she didn’t expect to find the love of her life. On the other end of the screen, Richard, a British expat who had been living in the US for over 20 years, was smiling as he was messaging her back. The pair quickly became friends and decided to meet over dinner two weeks later. The rest is history.


From dancing the night away during 80s concerts to trying the newest restaurants in town and traveling to exotic destinations, the lovebirds shared many common interests. But what really brought them together was their love for family. One of their favorite things in the world is to spend quality time with their kids. In fact, they moved to Oklahoma City four and a half years ago to be closer to Richard’s son. 


The pair tied the knot in the desert near Las Vegas in Nevada. After we took epic wedding photos in the stunning location featuring picturesque rugged terrain, red earth, and a variety of vegetation, they cruised off in their rented jaguar as the sun set.


Dagny & Amir

Eden Gardens / Moorpark, Ca

Elegance, kindness, generosity, and love. Those are the words I would use to describe the atmosphere at Dagny & Amir’s wedding. And I was amazed at the incredible number of friends and family members who had made the trip to attend this magical event.


When Dagny and Amir met, Dagny wasn’t too familiar with Islam. Yet, as she got to know the charming young man and fell in love with him, she decided to embrace his religion and convert to Islam. 


I had a lot of fun shooting their wedding photos and videos at the sumptuous Eden Garden wedding venue in Moorpark, California. Amir was a true gentleman, Dagny was the epitome of class, and the white peacocks and gorgeous fountains made for an epic backdrop.

After the wedding photo shoot, guests had a wonderful time dancing to their heart’s content entertained by the live band music.


Hengameh & Stefan

Point Dume / Malibu, Ca

Point Dume in Malibu, California, has always had a special place in Hengameh & Stefan’s hearts. After all, that’s where some of their favorite movies, like Grease, the Planet of the Apes, and Iron Man were shot. So, as soon as Stefan proposed, they knew that Point Dume would be their wedding location.


In fact, their dream was always to elope. So, right after Hengameh said yes to the wedding proposal, they jumped on a plane with a few close friends, went wedding dress shopping, and tied the knot the next day during a romantic sunset wedding.


I loved capturing the golden hour light as the newlyweds kissed and laughed, celebrating their big day surrounded by the most important people in their lives. The couple ended the trip with gorgeous wedding photos taken from their favorite place on Earth.


Shirly & Bryant

Agoura Hills Rec Center / Agoura Hills, Ca

Shirly and Bryant are high school sweethearts.


After a few years, they started living together, spending countless nights cheering on their favorite football, soccer, and baseball teams with friends and family in their home. There, they lived happily and built many incredible memories. Eventually, they moved somewhere more spacious. But their first home will always have a special place in the couple’s heart as it’s where they started building a life together.


And that’s why Shirly loved Bryant’s wedding proposal so much.


On July 9, 2020, The young man organized a romantic dinner before taking Shirley for a lovely walk following a candle-lit pathway. After a few minutes, they stopped in front of an open area covered in rose petals. It was right where they used to live!


Shirly’s eyes were sparkling more than ever. Bryant got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. That’s exactly how Shirly had envisioned the proposal to be, and so her dream had come true.


During the wedding photoshoot session, their love for each other transpired so much that it moved me as I went through their wedding photos before sending them across. The stunning wedding venue, the cheerful guests, and the elegant wedding dress Shirly wore all contributed to turning this magical wedding into a one-of-a-kind event.


Holly & Brian

Camarillo Ranch House / Camarillo, Ca

Brian always had a crush on Holly. Growing up, he was very close to her brother and had the same group of friends. When he turned 21, he finally found the courage to ask her out. At first, it wasn’t easy for Brian to win Holly’s heart. Yet, persistence beats resistance, and that’s exactly the approach the young man took. And after a couple of dates, Holly was smitten with the charming Italian. Soon enough, they decided to adopt two adorable fur babies, Bentley & Porter, and lived happily, enjoying concerts and festivals together, playing with their dogs, and cooking delicious meals for each other. 


So, it was only natural for Brian to propose. And for the wedding proposal, he was going to go big. He would use an augmented reality app to pop the question on his phone as the pair would take selfies on the beach. Unfortunately, overwhelmed with emotions, Brian forgot his phone and keys in the car, locking himself out. Nevertheless, he proposed on the beautiful beach, and Holly said yes!


The fun couple got married on March 31, 2022, in the spectacular Camarillo Ranch, California, and I had the pleasure of capturing their big day in this stunning, historic wedding venue.


Lidia & Kolbe

St. Rose of Lima/ Simi Valley, Ca.

If there were ever an image depicting the perfect couple, it would be one showing Lidia & Kolbe kissing in the sunshine. The pair met back in college and instantly hit it up. Their devotion to St.Joseph, their love for family and adventure, and their passion for French and Italian history allowed them to connect on an emotional level they never knew possible.


But really, the perfect day for Lidia & Kolbe is all about spending quality time together on a beach gazing at the ocean. And the beach is precisely where Kolbe’s wedding proposal started. After taking his other half to the beach in Carpinteria, Kolbe led the gorgeous young lady to the St. Joseph Mission Chapel, where he would propose to a very surprised Lidia! Kolbe had picked this particular church due to their families’ history, and when Lidia realized the significance of this moment, happy tears started rolling down her cheeks.


The engaged couple got married in July where we spent a few wonderful moments taking playful wedding photos together.


Victoria & Ben

Terian Farms / Lebanon, Tn

Victoria and Ben met at a CrossFit gym in Michigan back in 2020. In fact, Ben was Victoria’s coach. They connected immediately and pretty soon realized they were both into outdoor adventures and classic rock. So much so, that they named their adorable Golden Retriever Zeppelin! Naturally, Victoria was enthused when she found out Ben played in a classic rock band, and even more so when he decided to play classic rock songs on his guitar at their wedding!


Shooting the couple’s wedding photos at the picturesque and elegant Terian Farms in Lebanon, Tennessee, was a pleasure. The gorgeous wedding dress Victoria wore, the rustic background with woodlands and Welsh Ponies, and the incredible lighting really made for unique wedding photos the newlyweds can now share with their brand-new baby boy!

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