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  • Do you provide a shot selection list?  


  • Is a shot selection list really important?

Yes, a shot selection list is very important. Not only is this your opportunity to list the shots that you want. It is also important to remove shots you don't want. For example if you don't want us wasting time shooting party favors that you're not interested in or looking for a grandparent or uncle that is not attending the wedding, this is when you remove it from your list. You also want to make sure your wedding party and or family has our contact information to notify us  in advance of any surprises to you or your groom that you would want us to capture. It's important to let us know so we can be prepared and not miss the shot.

It is always important to have a second photographer. A couple of examples are during the reading of the vows. If you want a photograph of you or your groom reading the vows and you want your expression, there is nothing worse than having a photographer running back and forth  across the aisle to try to capture both. The second photographer can photograph one while your primary photographer captures the other.. Another example is if you and your groom are both getting ready at the same time. and you want photos of both moments

Having continuity between your photographer and videographer on the day of your wedding is extremely important. When you decide to have a photographer and videographer from two different teams they inevitably want or have two different artistic ideas. To avoid your photographer pulling you in one direction and your videographer pulling you in a different direction it's important to have both from the same team. Our process is the lead photographer sets up the shot, takes the photos and the videographer follows afterward. Then we moved to a new location and repeat the same process. This saves time and stress. Another added benefit of using our video and photography is you get an additional discount from a package deal.

  • What equipment do you use?

We use professional full frame mirrorless Sony cameras. These cameras are top-of-the-line specifically made for shooting weddings. We make it a point to always have the latest and greatest equipment. all of our lenses are top-of-the-line lenses. Each and every piece of equipment has been picked out specifically to shoot weddings because not all photography equipment is made for weddings

  • Do you require a de[posit? If so, how much?

No. We do not require a deposit. we do however take full payment no later than two weeks before the wedding.

  • Why do you take payment 2 weeks before the wedding?

Just as you would pay a caterer, florist,  wedding coordinator, or DJ before the wedding. We also as your wedding vendor prefer to be paid prior to the wedding. The reason for this is to avoid any problems with checks going through, non-payment for work or other payment complications. This also allows time for additional photographers to be paid as well as any new or updated equipment to be purchased or rented for your wedding.

  • What forms of payment do you accept

We accept most forms of payments such as Cash, Credit card ( VIA Square, processing fees will be applied), Venmo, PayPal, Checks, and cash app

  • How much do you charge for travel?

$100 per hour of travel

  • What is your plan in the event of an emergency? ( You can't make it or camera malfunctions?

We have backup photographers at all times to cover a wedding should the primary photographer not be available in the event of an emergency. If any of our equipment such as cameras or lenses do not work we have backup cameras and backup lenses at all times. Should an SD card fail or malfunction, We do keep back up SD cards, however lost photos Can not be guaranteed to be retrieved.

  • How many weddings have you missed?

I have never missed a wedding in my entire career. I have even photographed weddings wow passing a kidney stone and recovering from foot surgery.

  • Have you ever had a malfunction ?

I have shots over 750 weddings and in that time I had an SD card fail once due to freezing temperatures causing the loss of 5 photos. Approximately 5 shots in 10 years and over 5 million photos

  • In what form are our photos delivered?

The photos are delivered in standard jpeg format. This is industry standard and will be delivered via private link where you can download directly and or order prints at cost.

  • Do you include RAW images?

No, RAW photos are not included. Only the Raw photos of the approved photos edited and released to the client are available for purchase at the same cost of the wedding package purchased. For example if you purchased the Platinum photography for $3,000. If you received 528 photos. Then you may purchase those raw images for the same price you paid $3,000 so the total would be $6,000 for the original package and an additional $3,000 for the RAW images. Raw images are not available for purchase at any time on individual images. Entire catalog only Additional unapproved raw images that have not been released or edited are not for sale. The reason for this is to preserve the quality and reputation of DiConti Weddings.

I provide professional editing. To save time I use the company Post Partners .

  • What is professional editing?

The terms Professional Editing and Retouching/Extensive Editing are used quite often in the photography world, but are different things. Some photographers even use them meaning the same thing, which can be very confusing. I will explain what I mean by editing and what I as well as most photographers mean by Professional Editing and Retouching/Extensive Editing. After reading this you will have a better understanding of what the terms mean. So that you know what To expect.

Professional Editing:

Edited images are cropped straightened and adjusted for exposure temperature white balance and contrast. I also include the desired style such as "Light and Airy, Black and White, Dark and Cinematic, Etc.  Editing a photo can take as little as a few seconds or a few minutes depending upon the entire desired effect. It may not seem like a lot of time but when spread out over several hundred images it can mean hours of work. This editing is always included in our packages.

  • What is "Extensive Editing/Retouching"?

Extensive Editing/Retouching:

The removal of blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, removing anything from a photo, ( poles, people, birds, bags, cars, etc. ) Adding in simple effects. Any form of composing images together to change a background.  Any object removal can take about an hour per image alone. Extensive Editing/Retouching is not the same thing as professional editing and is not included in our packages. However we can refer you to our editing company Here you can see the same interpretation of the differences in editing,

  • What is your turnaround time for proofs, prints, and files?

It generally takes us about 30 days to get you your photos completely culed and edited. However due to the increase in weddings it can take up to 6 weeks.

  • Do you have any hidden fees we should be aware of?

We try to make sure there are no hidden fees and everything is disclosed in the contract however I can tell you things to look: parking fees, permits, traveling, consider meals for all of our team working at day of the wedding. As well as additional editing charges if you choose extensive editing or retouching.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

If a cancellation is made within12 months to 6 months and 1 day to go with a different vendor/photographer 50% of the total is to be paid. If a cancellation is made within six months or less before the date of the wedding to go with a different vendor/photographer payment in full is required. Cancellation must be in writing even if a phone call was made to inform us of the cancellation. In the event of traumatic injury, loss of life (of client), or catastrophic event. No balance will be required. If the two clients' relationship is dissolved (a break up) a minimum of 4 months notice is required and 25% of the balance will be due at the time of cancellation. These fees is to cover the probable loss of business incurred.

My style of Photography is candid and the use of available light. Natural light photography has always been the most authentic and beautiful Style in my opinion. although I know just about every pose in the book there's nothing more satisfying than capturing authentic one-of-a-kind candid moments that cannot be duplicated. I try to keep things fun and natural in create moments that are authentic and real. 

  • Are you the photographer who will shoot our wedding, or will someone else be assigned?

Yes, I will be the photographer in the wedding along with my second shooter if chosen. Barring an emergency or the unexpected.

  • What are your policies on file ownership and sharing?

I keep the Raw photos. I use them on Instagram Facebook my website as part of my portfolio 4 potential clients. you keep all the edited images for prints and can post them or use them however you wish.

  • Do you have liability insurance?

Liability insurance is always available upon request

  • What is it like to work with you on the day of the wedding?

We are professional timely and trustworthy. we are organized and experienced great at directing. we are also fun easy going flexible to work with we try to stay out of the way but still get the great shots. we are 100% there for you. We have a great reputation with other vendors and our preferred vendors in locations such as Terian Farms, Calamigos Ranch, Gerry Ranch and others


If you are planning a wedding in one of our dream locations below. We will shoot your wedding with no travel fee and a discount that is too good to pass up. Please contact us for more information  (805) 297-0377. Help fullfill our dream by capturing yours.

   JOSHUA TREE                     YOSEMITE

       ALASKA                             MEXICO               GREECE                                ITALY

    SCOTLAND                         IRELAND

  NEW ZEALAND                    ICELAND

       FRANCE                               SPAIN                                      ENGLAND                                               

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beautiful scenic ancient castle in county clare ireland. dromoland castle ireland. dromola
Monastery of Santo Toribio
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