Wedding Photography Services

Weather you need local wedding photographers near you in Santa Barbara, Malibu, Los Angeles, or across the country in Nashville. DiConti Weddings is your best choice for taking timeless, romantic, yet authentic photographs and video when you are tying the knot with the love of your life. They're well-aware of working with the environment and can tackle low-light situations better.

DiConti Weddings Photography documents each wedding day artfully by combining beautiful natural light and raw, candid moments of connection, for which we draw in a bit of magic from our professional wedding photo editing services that are part of the package! As wedding photographers, we understand how critical it’s to deliver the photo session order in time and exceptional quality that brings back to life some warm memories.

We’ve got the eye for detail and a voice to guide you and your guests through the wedding, engagement, or even elopement! Wedding photography prices and packages can be customized to best fit the couple’s needs. Our team of professionals uses some of the best tools and equipment, including the latest drone technology, to make your dream wedding come true.

Get comfortable, and take some time to check out our portfolio below. Each couples wedding album is divided into chapters: Pre-Ceremony, First Look, Ceremony, Group/Couples, & Reception. Simply click on the album . When you get to the bottom of each chapter, just click on the tab for the next chapter.