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"DiConti Weddings is a full service Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography team. They capture your fairytale ending and retell it in a way that is uniquely yours, both Romantic and Cinematic. These guys are simply the best!"

~Joyce Aponte, Renegade Radio Nashville, TN. 


DiConti Weddings is made up of the best Los Angeles photographers and videographers in the wedding business, serving the people of  Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Barbara, & Nashville. Take a look at our team’s individual prices and portfolios for wedding photography and videography:



I love my team an love the relationships I build with couples. We're a fun crew and my goal is to provide you with  the most artistic wedding photography and best overall experience. 

I am happily engaged and I love going to the movies, cooking and playing board games. 


Austin has been a Cinematographer 10 years. His knack for never missing a detail when it comes to capturing moments is a quality that is invaluable to couples. He is an expert in film, and sound. He has worked on weddings in Malibu, Nashville, Las Vegas and more.

Austin's favorite food is sushi and his favorite his favorite holiday is Halloween. 



Matevos has been a photographer for more than 5 years and along with shooting photography & videography for weddings he shoots landscape and wildlife photography. In his down time he plays golf  and goes hiking.

His all time favorite movie is "The Phantom of the Opera". 

Second Photographer fees 

    Starting at $400.00


Jessie has been a photographer for more than 25 years. Her experience shooting photography at CMA red carpet events and boudoir photography make Jessie a well rounded photographer that puts brides right at ease. Jessie is a married mother of 1 beautiful teenage daughter and a devoted Christian.

Her guilty pleasure is Krispy Kreme donuts.

Second Photographer fees start at  $500



Dylan is a native Californian. In fact, he is part of five generations born in Ventura County. Dylan is an avid history buff. He loves the history of the world and the history of military strategy.  He is a natural when it comes to photography and brings a special joy to each wedding that he photographs.-





David is a devoted Christian, A Happily married father of four. With a certification in photography, David  has been a part of the DiConti Weddings family for over a year. David also shoots commercial Photography and sports photography. Davids loves playing tennis in his down time and his favorite dessert is birthday cake.

Second Photographer fees
     Starting at $550.00



Aidan's passion is music and his favorite band at the moment is deftones. He also loves Ice Cream. What he really loves about photography is the beautiful things in life and capturing peoples best moments.

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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DiConti Weddings

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